Pastor Donnie Clyburn

Connect with the Pastor:

Many will say they have a story that changed their lives forever or something that happened to them that was so devastating or impactful that brought them to the place they sit at now. Not my story at all. I have decided to say or explain to others that this was just life. At the age of 12, Donnie E. Clyburn Jr. walked into New Hope Baptist Church where he heard a choir that sparked something in him. This stayed within him and birthed a desire to sing in church. Donnie gave his life to the LORD at the age of 14. While watching others take the stage in preaching the word, his only desire remained to sing and he was satisfied with that. Pastor Donnie never even thought of the idea of being a Pastor. 


At the age of 18, he had recently graduated from high school and was preparing to leave for the United States Army, as well as expecting his first child. At the age of 21, Pastor Donnie Clyburn was married to his childhood sweetheart and best friend, Yolanda D. Clyburn, who currently co-pastors with him. They had two beautiful children and he was working at Ocean County College where he

served for 30 years and is now happily retired.


He attended New Hope Baptist Church until God moved him and his family to join Pathway Of Life Ministries, where Pastor Jessie Rhines was the Senior Pastor. During his 5 years at Pathway Of Life Ministries he was appointed as the Praise and Worship leader. Shortly after, he was licensed as a minister, accepting the call of the Lord in ministry. Soon after, God moved him to Harmony Ministries, where he served as one of the ministers on staff. During his 7 years of service at Harmony Ministries, Pastor Donnie was a part of the praise and worship team and one of the teachers for the New Beginners class.


The time came when God called Pastor Donnie E. Clyburn Jr. to Pastor Pathway Of Life Ministries, where he and his wife, Yolanda D. Clyburn, their 5 beautiful children and 5 grandchildren have been pastoring over the last 9 years. For 3 years, Pathway of Life Ministries has been under the guidance of Bishop T.L Blacknall. Pastor Donnie’s vision is to restore the church to be the center of the community where all are welcomed to fellowship and praise the Lord.